A goddess portrait experience honours the radiant womxn you are and celebrates your unique, powerful beauty in fine art images that are full of joy and light.

Press Play For the Goddess Experience

"Goddess" may not be a term that we readily identify with, but honestly, it should be. The Goddess is maiden, mother & crone. She comes in all shapes and sizes. Her beauty is unique and manifests in so many different ways in each of us.

redwagon's Goddess Sessions are a modern boudoir portrait experience. They're designed to be cozy & intimate, so that you feel relaxed, gorgeous & free to be vulnerable. Nudity is optional & definitely not required. You are free to get as naked as you’re comfortable with... it’s also something that you don’t need to decide ahead of time. (Honestly once you're here and killing it, you will be amazed at how quickly your confidence rises!)

Professional hair and make-up is included in your session, as well as detailed planning to help you decide what to wear.... or ultimately, how much to bare!

There are 2 amazing ways to book:



Come to the studio, slip into a comfy robe & sip on a mimosa while the best hair and makeup team gets you looking like your freshest & most glamourous self. Indulgent & relaxing, this experience is not counted by the minute or outfit & gives you time to feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable

Session Fee of 500 includes:

- prep guide, wardrobe consultation and welcome package

- use of beautiful dresses from the client closet

- professional hair and makeup

- mimosas!

- a cozy, intimate session

After your session, you'll return to the studio for your Order & Design Appointment. You'll have a gallery of 50+ fully retouched images to view. Luxury art products and digital images are available separately from the session fee; clients will generally invest 1200+.

Goddess Lite is a smaller, budget-friendly option. Hair and make-up is not included, although I highly recommend it and will take care of booking for you with my team if you decide to add it on. These short 30 minute sessions allow for one or two outfits (or looks - and, yes!, naked is a look!)

Session Fee of 200 includes:

- digital portrait planning guide

- use of beautiful dresses from the client closet

- 30 minute lite studio session

- 2 outfits/looks

After your session, you'll return to the studio for your Order & Design Appointment. You'll have a gallery of 20+ fully retouched images to view. Clients will invest 500+ purchasing their digital files. Luxury, heirloom artwork is also available.


show special!

with your gals

Book before April 9, 2022 and receive an

Artisan Wood Desk Duo

(value: 350)

Enjoy an amazing afternoon with your bridal party - it’s the perfect way to start off your bachelorette party! Indulge in some girl time at redwagon’s cozy studio, sip on mimosas and celebrate your friendships with an unforgettable bonding experience.

Session Fee of 400 per person* includes:

- prep guide and wardrobe consultation

- beautiful dresses from the client closet

- professional hair and makeup

- petite 30 minute session for each of you

- fine art 5x7 of the group for each of you

Additional printed product and digital images will be available at your Order & Design Appointment. You'll each have a gallery of 20 retouched images to choose from and clients will generally invest an additional 500+ each

redwagon photography offers a curated line of luxury products to display the beautiful images that we create at your session. These include a gorgeous line of fine art books, stunning artwork for your walls, lovely smaller items (perfect for gifting) & digital portraits for you to share or archive.

Interested? Here's what's next...

the process

Have you ever considered doing a boudoir session?

Is it something that you've thought about, but ultimately decided that you could NEVER be that courageous?

It's completely understandable that even *thinking* about doing something like this might make you a wee bit nervous (or a whole lot)! Nerves are totally, totally normal. Those butterflies are part of what makes this experience so amazing; you’re doing this super scary thing & when it turns out to be fun & full of joy, it makes you feel so alive & free. Once you’re at the studio, you’ll be fine - promise.

Please ask anything - even if it seems silly; it’s not. The more prepared you feel, the easier it will be for you to be natural & to relax into the moment. I am here to answer any questions & offer guidance about any part of the experience. Because these sessions are so intimate, you need to feel comfortable & safe.



- Tani -