A Note About the Field Sessions

While we always hope for good weather, it’s Alberta & the forecast can change in an instant! These sessions take place rain or shine (and I’ll have clear umbrellas with me just in case!) BUT in the case of known inclement weather, I have scheduled a Back Up day for MAY 8. Your session would take place at the same time as originally booked. If we need to move the Event to the backup day, I will reach out as soon as the decision is made.

My “field” is actually an off-leash dog park. If you think that this may be a problem for your child(ren) please let me know. There are spots that we can use that are less busy and will be less likely to have doggies coming through.

On the day

I know your portraits are so important to you & it’s easy to let anxiety take over. Here are some other tips for a successful session.

– Be well fed & well rested

Don’t come to your portrait session with an empty stomach, or schedule in the middle of nap time!

– Schedule time to get ready

Make sure you schedule enough time to get everyone ready. Rushing around to get everyone fed, dressed & ready is no fun and it sets the tone for a disorganized, unhappy session. Make sure that there’s lots of time for baths, grooming & dressing. Having some extra time will make a big difference.

Some other notes:

– On the day of the session, I have a very busy schedule so please, please, please be on time or 5 minutes early.

– I will text you a map link prior to your session. You will see my white hatchback Ford Focus parked there. Please text me when you arrive at 780-554-9132 & wait in on near your vehicle. I will text you once I’m ready for you and your children.

– There are no cameras permitted of any kind. This includes video cameras and camera phones.

– Due to the limited time of these sessions, no clothing changes are permitted during the session.

During Your Session