February 26, 2016

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5 Tips to help you pick a family photographer


How do you start your search for a family photographer?  How can you choose one and know it’s the right choice?  Are you completely overwhelmed by the huge number of photographers that come up when you search on Google?  There are so many, with such a variety of styles and price points that it can be difficult to make a decision.  Here are 5 tips: questions to ask yourself and things to do before you choose a professional photographer for your family portraits.


1. Do you want studio portraits or an on location session?

While both of these session types have their place, you need to decide what appeals to you.  Studio Portraits are generally more traditional and may be ideal if you want a very formal look, with conventional backdrops and lighting.  On location sessions can offer a huge variety of different backgrounds and lighting, and can easily be more relaxed and authentic.

 2. What do you want your session to feel like?

Do you like traditional posing with everyone looking at the camera?  Or do you prefer more natural, connected images?   Again, there is no right or wrong answer here.  Each photographer has their own vision and style, so whatever your preference there is a photographer out there who is a perfect fit!

 3. Do you just want your digital files?

Do you have the time and the skills to order prints and other product that you want from your session if your photographer only offers digital files?  People often will not print images from their portrait sessions if they are only given a USB.  We are all so busy that finding time to even just sit down and order some prints online sometimes seems impossible.  A few hours to design an album?  Fuggetaboutit. The pictures get posted on facebook and everybody “Likes” them for a few days, but then what?

It’s so important to have printed images of your family and your special relationships.  Your kids deserve to see how much you love them without having to boot up a computer or turn on a device.  Do you remember how much fun it was to look back at albums or shoeboxes full of memories from your childhood?  Don’t your children deserve those same experiences?  A full service photographer will guide you through product selection and help you determine what will work best in your home.  It also ensures that you get the best quality and results from your images.

 4. Find a photographer that you really connect with

When you look at a photographer’s portraits can you see yourself in them?  Are they images that you would love to have of you and your family?  Of your children?  If the answer is yes, dig a little deeper.  Look for testimonials from previous clients on their website, check out Facebook and Google reviews.  This will give you an idea of what they are really like to work with. Then, talk to them.  For reals.  Pick up the phone or schedule a “Get to Know You” meeting.  Make sure that you click and your personalities are a fit.

  5. Look at the photographer’s blog, not just their portfolio

While a portfolio is a great way to get an idea of the style of the photographer, a blog will give you a more in depth look at different sessions.  Because a portfolio will only highlight the very best from each session, looking at blog posts will give you a better idea of what your complete session will look like and the variety in images you can expect.


Thanks for stopping by!  Hopefully you have found this to be helpful and informative.  Check out my family images to see if my organic, natural light images speak to you!  If so, get in touch!


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Great tips! I’m sure all your clients will find this so helpful.

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wonderful tips for potential clients!

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