August 30, 2016

edmonton photographer gets married

I know I have been super absent from social media and my blog recently – bad Jamie! – but I’d like to pretend that deciding to have a wedding in the backyard 6 weeks before actually doing it, and then deciding that we desperately needed to finish the renovations on the house and do a bunch of stuff in the yard before it happened, is a bit of an excuse.  And then taking a last minute honeymoon (booked four days after the wedding at 11:00 am on a flight leaving at 6:00 that evening from an airport 3 hours away) counts too right? Of course these aren’t valid excuses AT ALL, but I’m going to pretend.

We lucked out and August 13 was a GORGEOUS day.  We had a very intimate group of family and friends, mimosas on the lawn, and delicious southern BBQ.  And, after being engaged for 5 years, we’re finally married.  Which I guess is kind of the point, right?  My friend Warren (who is not a wedding photographer and said “For you, yes.  For anyone else: no way” when I asked him to shoot for us) graciously agreed to hand over his memory cards to me, so I could edit the images.  Which of course means I haven’t really completed many wedding images either. Sigh.  I have a ton of client sessions that I need to blog and I need to just post SOMETHING on Instagram to get the ball rolling again.  This week is back to reality and work but in the meantime, here are the two images from our wedding day that I have managed to edit 😀



redwagon photography is an Edmonton photographer specializing in organic, natural light Family, Newborn, Maternity, Child, and Baby Photography in Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding areas including but not limited to Stony Plain, St. Albert, Leduc, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park and Barrhead.


Oh wow! Congratulations!!

Thanks so much, Amy!!

What an adorable bride!!

Thanks, Mel! I try 😉

Gorgeous Jamie!

*You’re* gorgeous, Sandy!

Congratulations!!! How awesome!

Thanks so much Tamara!

Congrats!!! That sounds like a whirlwind but so much fun!

Haha 😀 It *was* a whirlwind, Beth! But it was a lot of fun <3

Well that explains the last name change! congratulations!!!! you look so beautiful and happy. 

Awwwww…. Thanks Lauren <3 You're so sweet!

Congratuations! This is wonderful news.

Congratulations! So happy for yoU!

Thanks so much, Bethany! 😀

How fun is that? You look beautiful! Congrats!

You are beautiful!   Love the dress and congratulations!!

Awwww… ❤️ Thanks, Mary Beth! You’re so sweet!

Thank you Renee!!!

Adorable couple

Well, we try 😉 Thanks, Stephanie!

Awww Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! You looked beautiful!

Awwww… thanks so much Brandi 😀

Congratulations! You two look lovely

Thanks you so much, Lelia. You’re super sweet!

what a beautiful couple and beautiful day <3

What a beautiful couple and a beautiful day!! Congratulations TO the bride and groom <3

Thanks so much, Nicola <3


Thanks so much Krystal!

Beautiful!  Very nice shots!


Thanks so much, Candace!

AdorAble photos! Congrats! 

Thank you so much, Savanna!!


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