August 27, 2019

Edmonton Family | Surviving Back To School

“Back to School”: do those words fill you with dread or secret joy?! The first week back can be crazy; I have complied a list of tips to help the Edmonton family transition smoothly to the Back to School Routine.

Try to make mornings as painless as possible

Having backpacks packed and lunches made the the night before can be a life saver in the morning when you’re running around trying to get everyone out the door! Creating a whiteboard checklist for mornings sometimes can help keep kids moving: include morning tasks like teeth brushing and eating breakfast, and let your kids check of the tasks as they’re completed.

Set Rules For Screen Time

Sit down with your kids ahead of time to talk about tech and the rules for its use on school days. Are they allowed screen time in the morning? What about after school; is it homework first? Or only while they’re eating their snack? For your teens, are you shutting off their WiFi at a certain time before bed, so they’re not snapchatting  at midnight? Lay out some ground rules and make sure everyone understands the decisions you come to.

Get Organized

Choose a calendar (digital or old-school analog) and get organized. Take a look at the school’s 2019/20 calendar and make a note of PD days, early release days, and school holidays. Mark down school trips, after school activities, dentist or doctor appointments, out of town trips and other things that are happening in your family so they are no surprises or double bookings.

Ask the Right Questions

Be intentional with the questions that you ask your kids about their first days back. It can be frustrating when all you want to do is catch up with your kids on what they did for the hours they away from home, and they say “nothing”.  Whether you chat with them after picking them up on the drive home, or while you prepare dinner, make sure the focus is on them, and there aren’t cell phones or television for distraction. Ask specific questions (ones that don’t allow a yes/no answer) like, “Check out this great list of questions to replace, “How was your day?”

Now that fall is here, and the kids are back in school, it’s time to do the things you’ve been putting off – like planning your fall portrait session!

Edmonton Family

Fall Portraits on your list?!

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