June 1, 2021

Edmonton Family Photos | The One with all the Crying

Did you watch the Friends Reunion Special at some point over the past few days?

Did you LOVE it? Leave a comment and let me know! If you haven’t gotten around to watching it yet, it’s quite the ride in the best kind of way.

I adored every minute of it and there was actually only a bit of crying (which I valiantly tried to hide from Husband so he wouldn’t think I was completely ridiculous, although I cry at everything so 🤷‍♀️ he’s used to it)

It made me feel so warm and fuzzy. The familiar faces (even with a few extra years on them), the table reads of the jokes that we all know by heart, and the affection that all six obviously still hold for one another….

What really got me though was overwhelming nostalgia and the recognition of the passage of time. Friends was on the air over the same span of time that I was becoming an adult. I had the Rachel haircut. And I had a group of friends like that.

It brought back life in the 90s … when we had to plan to watch a TV show because it had to happen at the time it was actually on, when people phoned each other to make plans or catch up (and we answered without even knowing who was calling), and if we weren’t at home we couldn’t be reached.

It was a very poignant reminder of just how quickly time passes, and how much change occurs while we are just busy living our lives day to day.

Some day future you will look at an image that I made of your family and you will feel just like I felt watching my television Friends from almost 30 years ago… a sweet ache for what was, even if you wouldn’t trade it for what is. 

Loving these sweet images from the past month <3

edmonton family photos

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90s Jamie (circa 1996?)

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