June 7, 2016

Edmonton Branding Photographer | Accessory Insanity

I am super excited to introduce you to Ronda, the genius behind Edmonton’s (and Alberta’s, actually) first and only Fashion Truck!  You can find Ronda and her Accessory Insanity Fashion Truck this summer all over Edmonton and surrounding area: she was recently at Pride on Whyte and the Rainmaker Rodeo in St. Albert.  She’ll be at Highlandia Music, the Alberta Beach Music Fest & Poly Days during the August Long Weekend, Rockin’ August in St. Albert on Aug 6th, and Grove Cruise in Spruce Grove on Aug 12-13.  She also will be at several of the night markets downtown and ends up at many community pop-up shops.  Find the truck’s schedule and location or follow Accessory Insanity on Instagram or Facebook.  The fashion truck has an amazing selection of gorgeous scarves, funky purses, adorable wallets, stunning jewelry, fun hats, and other cute fashion accessories.

Ronda started in the Fashion Business in 2010 with an online accessory store.  One morning she just happened to turn on the TV to Good Morning America and they were doing an interview of a local girl with a fashion truck.  And she thought, “Hey, great idea. I should do that.” So, the seed was planted. She then began the difficult task searching for a suitable vehicle…  she looked into delivery vans, motor homes and transport buses.  It took about a year of on and off searching until she found THE ONE in April of 2015.  Then came the huge task of the renovations: the truck wasn’t always the bright white, perfectly styled beauty she is now!  The garage style back door had to be changed to a double barn door style, the outer walls needed to be insulated and have 2 x 4s and plywood installed to form the interior walls, shelving and displays had to be installed, and additional stock purchased. And of course, all the insurance and vending permits needed to be obtained and sorted out. When the finished product was finally ready to hit the road it was September. So, the truck was only out on location a few times last year in September and October. Then it got too cold, so the truck went into storage. This is going to be the Fashion Truck’s first full year out on location.

As you can see in the images, Ronda is a total fashionista and has amazing taste, so the truck is FULL of super cute accessories that are very reasonably priced.  If you’re out and about around the city this summer, and you see the Accessory Insanity truck, you must stop by and check out this totally unique shopping experience.  And say “Hi” to Ronda because she’s a gem 🙂


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What a great idea! I love it. So creative and the accessories look like so much fin!

Thanks, Erin! I agree 🙂 She has so many super cute and fun items!

That looks so fun! I wish we had a fashion truck here…. would save me so much time. Great Images! 🙂

Thanks so much, Stephanie! I agree – it’s super fun one stop shopping!

What a neat idea. 

Agreed! Thanks, Anna!

wow! awesome!

Right?! Thanks, Catie!

Oh wow! This looks incredible.

It really is, Julie 😀

such fun and colorful images! 

Thanks so much, Bethany!

What a cool idea!

I totally agree, Michelle 😀

What a cute idea!

I agree, Allison – it’s brilliant!

This is amazing! What a great idea

Right?! I love it!


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