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“Personal Branding” refers to establishing who you are and what you stand for and conveying that to your potential clients. Your brand is the unique combination of skills and experience that make you who you are and differentiates you from other professionals in your field.

Many people think that if you’re not a huge company like Starbucks or Apple, branding isn’t important. This can’t be farther from the truth! Establishing and nurturing your personal brand is so important and will help you attract your ideal clients over and over again.

As a solopreneur or small business, you often are your business. That means that a huge part of your brand is YOU. Let’s chat about how you can put a face to your brand with professional images that will help the world get to know you!

hi there,

I graduated from NAIT's Photographic Technology Program in 1998 & founded redwagon photography in 2001. These days, I work out of a unique, mid-century two-story home in Lendrum that's full of light.

As a solopreneur, I know how important having a personal brand is. I live it in my business. I can also talk about ideal clients, marketing, and brand identity for DAYS.

I am passionate about Edmonton, shopping locally and supporting local artisans and makers. YEG has a huge community of creatives and it is amazing to me what is being produced right here in this eclectic city of ours.

some fun facts

about me


husband & i renovated a unique 1960s HOME INTO my DREAM STUDIO SPACE, DOING ALMOST ALL OF THE WORK OURSELVES. It's my happy place & I know You'll feel comfortable here too


I am inspired by yummy light & neutral Layers & textures


I have three of the sweetest kitty cats that give the best cuddles

I am a 4

on the enneagram. This means that I crave AUTHENTICITY & am driven by a need to create & be SURROUNDED by beauty

I love to help reveal my client's true selves.

They often tell me how relaxed and at ease I made them feel. Don't misunderstand, I will always tell you where I need you to be and how I need you to stand, and I can be pretty bossy about it... but once that's sorted, I really want to capture what makes you unique and your genuine self. Your personality is what sets you apart and your images should be reflection of your authentic self.

Your Brand should make prospective clients fall in love with you a bit. When that happens; when your Brand is at that level, you will attract your ideal client over and over again - people who absolutely HAVE to work with you.

Let me help you. Together we will create images that are a perfect expression of who you are and tell the story of what it's like to work with you.

headshots vs branding



A Personal Branding Session will result in images that are uniquely you. We start with an in-depth consultation, either over the phone or in person, and talk about your ideal client, brand identity, what you want your images to portray and where you'll be using them. We will discuss the best location(s) for the look that you are trying to achieve, as well as the wardrobe that will bring it all together.

Branding Sessions are available for a single person, or a small business with a few employees, and start at 900.

A headshot session is a short and sweet 15 minute in-studio session. While a headshot can absolutely portray personality, they have, by their nature, a more generic look. These sessions produce great results for Realtors, Financial Advisors and your Linked In Profile! Once you've booked your session, I'll send over a guide that will help you look your best!

Headshot sessions begin at 250 and include a full resolution, retouched file.

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