September 6, 2016

Branding Photography Edmonton | Craft Beauty

I have been using Craft Beauty products for a year or so, so making branding images for the lovely Sandy Brown (the girl behind this growing company) was a treat! Sandy came to the studio for an afternoon of chatting, wine drinking and image making.  First we sat down to talk about her amazing handmade line of natural beauty products and then I spent some time photographing her and a small portion of the luxurious line of products that she offers.  Check out the whole line on her website,  This House .  Sandy is also an expert selfie taker, a yogi, a super mom and, frankly, has the most glowy skin EVER!


Branding Photography Edmonton


Describe your business and the services that you offer:

Sandy: “Craft Beauty is a metamorphosing line of all natural beauty products. I started making my own facial cleanser years ago when I realized that commercial products where wreaking havoc on my skin.  Commercially made cosmetics are laden with chemicals and corrosive ingredients for the skin.  Our skin is our largest organ and is our first line of defense in maintaining our health, so why shouldn’t we try our darndest to care for it?

I did a little research and started experimenting, I soon realized that I could make any beauty product that I or any other woman would buy in a much more earth and skin friendly manner.

I have always loved the spa experience, from when I was 10 years old I would make face masks from found ingredients in my mother’s kitchen and steam open my pores over the kettle, I was born to do this!  Today as a mother, I love spending time mixing and making potions in my kitchen and I love slathering myself, my kids and my husband in my creations!

I call Craft Beauty metamorphosing because I have a core group of products that I use and make regularly; cleanser, serum, mask, lip conditioner and dry shampoo. Everything else is invented as the spirit moves me I guess you could say!  I also offer a line of gifting products around holidays and special occasions, and custom blend concoctions for clients with specific skin concerns or who want a signature scent.”

Branding Photography Edmonton

How and when did your business come to be?  Give me a little history of its beginnings:

Sandy: “Craft Beauty is coming up on 2 years old!  Even though I have been doing this for many more years, 2 years ago a friend asked me if I would make her some of her favorite cleanser that I had always gifted to her and other friends for special occasions.  She wanted to give it to her mother and sister for Christmas, from there I thought that I could make a few extra pots and try selling it through my Facebook page.  It was an instant success and I sold out all units in a few hours!  Before I knew it I had a business doing what I love to do, and Craft Beauty was born!  I was tickled with excitement about the idea of making my long time hobby into a business! And as it has evolved I realize that I love all aspects of the business, the conceptualization and creation of the products, the details of the labels and packaging and currently my favourite part is coming up with smart and sassy product names!  I also love marketing the products on social media where I do most of my business.”

What’s the thing that people love most about working with you?

Sandy: “I am a one woman show, and I think other women are drawn to Craft Beauty products because they are honest to goodness products made with high quality ingredients and love!  I use every product myself, if I don’t like it, it doesn’t go out to the public.  I am a walking billboard for my products!  I often get comments about my skin and I credit it’s dewy glow to my line of products: they really work. I want every product to be good quality and effective in making our lives healthier, easier and happier!   My dream for my business is for it to bring me joy, fulfillment and beautiful skin and so it will!”


What is one thing that you would tell everyone if you could?  (Like shout it from the rooftops!)

Sandy: “If I could stand on a rooftop and yell so that everyone in the world could hear me I would yell  “Wash your face everyday, stretch and take a few deep breaths!” It’s that simple!

You can also connect with Craft Beauty on Facebook


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the products look amazing!

Thanks, Stella! They are amazing 🙂

Oh! I’m going to have to check this out!

You totally should, Lynn! Her products are amazing!

She’s beautiful!  Love her packaging and product names

Right, AnnMarie?! Her product names are SO fun… I think “The Bath Bomb Diggity” is my favorite!

I love this! Supporting local businesses is one of my favorite things!! Thank you for sharing!!

Brandi, I totally agree! I love sharing these unique local businesses that I am fortunate enough to create images for 🙂

these look so cool!

Wow! She is beautiful! She does have super pretty skin! I might have to check her stuff out! I am always on the look out for great products. 

She truly is a beauty, inside and out! Check out her website: she ships!

Fascinating person! and so fortunate to be doing what she loves!

Agreed, Lelia! She’s awesome!

Nice insight into your personality so your clients can get to know you better 🙂

I agree, Stephanie. I love connecting with other local boss babes!

It is always fun to hear about new products that are actually good for you. 

You’re so right, Anna 🙂 All-natural is always the way to go!


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