October 2, 2018

Baby Led Posing | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

When I talk about newborn sessions with potential clients, I use phrases like “organic”, “natural light” and “baby led posing”.  Some of these words are not immediately associated with photography, so I have written some blogs to explain what these terms mean for you and how they translate in the images that are delivered from a newborn session. “What are Organic Newborn Portraits?”  delved into the term “organic” and now we’re going to explore baby led posing.

Baby Led PosingI love working with newborns. There are a gazillion reasons why: soft, flaky baby skin, teeny little fingers and toes, sweet smiles and yawns, and a simple innate innocence that just makes you go “Awwwww…..”  I love to capture that special relationship between a mama and her sweet babe, or a father and his precious new love. Each baby is unique and will have expressions or movements that make their parents say, “Oh, yes! My baby does that all the time!” Since capturing  personality and authentic connections is always a priority at all redwagon sessions, it only makes sense for me to approach a newborn session the same way.

To keep your baby as the center of attention, redwagon newborn sessions are neutral and natural. I always use natural light and neutral wraps and blankets. Props are kept to a minimum to keep the focus of our session on the features and expressions of your sweet new baby. With every session, it is made obvious just how unique each baby is. Some babies give me big stretches and fall asleep with their arms above their heads. Some will curl up and give me sweet smiles.  Some will refuse to fall asleep until they are cuddled up on their mama.

Capturing these movements and the ways that a baby naturally positions them self is really the key to baby led posing. I avoid positions and poses that require a baby to be in a completely unnatural position. While those overly posed pictures can be cute, they really don’t capture the essence of your newborn. And when you look back at the images from your newborn session, I want you to recognize and remember the sweet, authentic natural movements that your baby made. Their personalities are reflected in those poses. These images are the beginning; the first of many portrait sessions that will feature your new child. Let these first images be an expression of who they actually are.

Do these Baby Led images speak to you?

Let’s talk about photographing your baby in this natural, organic way!

redwagon photography is an Edmonton newborn  photographer specializing in baby led posing and organic, natural light Family, Newborn, Maternity, Child, and Baby Photography in Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding areas including but not limited to Stony Plain, St. Albert, Leduc, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park and Barrhead.

[…] redwagon newborn sessions feature baby-led posing which means that your new baby is photographed as they are, in gorgeous natural light on neutral blankets, as well as cuddled up in your arms. There is no need for unnatural poses or a bunch of props that only detract from their natural, innate innocence (who puts their baby in a bucket?!) If you want to remember the fleeting newness of your baby: the flaky skin, tiny fingers and toes, and their natural curliness, a baby-led session is for you! Check out this full Baby-Led Posing blog post for more information! […]

[…] love photographing babies as they are, using Baby Led Posing to let their distinct personalities shine through. I love baby details: their little lips, […]

I will always remember our newborn photo session with you! Its hard being new parents and everyone wants those perfect photos. I liked how you let Our baby run the daY so we DIDN’T have to worry about a sticking to a time slot if she was more fussy. Your personality and the extra touches you do….like coming to our House with a cute iNfo package and some possible Dresses for mE….made What could have been a stressful Day into a really memOrable one. besides Having a new baby is the most special and treasured time for new parents, your photos really capture that time <3

Love this type of session. babies rule the show as they should <3

These are all so sweet! Love capturing baby yawns

I love that thesea are natural and all about baby

Baby yawns are my favorite. I love how natural these images look!

Can we just talk about baby yawns for a minute? swooooon 😉

So natural and sweet!  LOVE these!


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